Billiard Equipment Basics

When people play billiards, it is common to entertain a few friends or family members at the same time, often socializing and playing billiards in the same room. If this is what you’ve done, it can be difficult to keep track of your billiard supplies and billiard accessories. That’s where TOUCHART comes in handy. This system enables you to change your billiard table immediately, while maintaining the safety and functionality of your pool table accessories. Here’s how it works.

TouchART comes in two-piece construction, consisting of a solid wood frame with a steel counter-weight. The frame contains the rails, and the leather or cloth surface contains the buttons, levers, and other accessories. This setup is convenient if you frequently host billiard parties, because it means you do not need to buy more than two pieces of equipment. Simply add the two-piece unit together, press the button that connect the rails to the frame, and you have a ready to use billiard table. The fabric cover fits right on, keeping your accessories from getting scratched or damaged. This setup is convenient, but for the ultimate touch-up, try upgrading to a three-piece unit.

The three-piece unit is composed of a solid wood frame with two wooden overlay panels that support the rails. A single cloth or vinyl overlay provides a decorative finish for the table top. In addition, this style of furniture is perfect for entertaining, because the extra seating space makes it easier to make more guests at once. If you will be bringing a gaming group to your home for some billiards action, adding the extra seating also makes it easier to get your billiard table and accessories set up for the next game.

Two-piece models are a bit pricier than their three-piece counterparts, but the price difference is negligible when you compare performance. Both styles offer a sturdy frame for supporting a slate playing surface. Most two-piece tables come in standard sizes, but there are also several custom-sized varieties available. If you have a large playing surface area or plan to bring your table to different locations, you can purchase a portable model, which is typically smaller than its stationary counterpart. These are great for trips to a local leisure center or home game.

Some of the newer, more portable billiards tables may include the option of a cue sports bag. If you plan to play regularly on a long road trip, or if your playing surface will take a beating from time to time, a bag may help keep your accessories from getting dirty. The bags attach to the table and can carry all necessary accessories, such as replacement cues, balls, and other billiard supplies.

Billiard owners often like the feel of a soft cloth against their playing surfaces. Soft cloths may be used on outdoor billiard tables and even on picnic tables and lawn chairs. A little bit of lint is normal, but extra care is recommended when cleaning the cloth. When playing, the balls won’t stick to the cloth unless they are treated with special polish.

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