How To Make A Raised Bed For Bedroom Use

A traditional bed is a four-poster bed, usually with a headboard and a footboard. The traditional mattress lies on top of the cushion, which can either be made of foam, cork or a mattress topper. One of the most intriguing aspects of how to make a raised bed for bedroom use is the opportunity to make the bed higher or lower to suit your needs. In an adult bedroom, an extra inch of height gives you extra comfort and helps you get in that much more sleep. And when you are sleeping in a child’s room, it makes it easier to give them the extra space they need without making them feel as though they are being crowded into the space.

Making a bed of this kind is not rocket science. You can learn how to make a raised bed for bedroom use from home, and there are some ready made kits available. Most of these beds consist of a mattress, a frame and some additional steps like installing a headboard and/or a footboard, but you may choose to build it without these additional pieces, provided you have the right tools.

The first step in how to make a raised bed for bedroom use is to decide what sort of mattress you will use. You will need to get one that has more cushion than ordinary bed mattresses, as your bed will be subject to all sorts of movement. Memory foams, for example, tend to provide a lot of support. Some other things to consider include the softness of the mattress and its durability.

Once you have your mattress selected, the next step in how to make a raised bed for bedroom use is to assemble it on to the frame. Depending on the bed’s shape and size, this can be accomplished either by gluing or bolting the frame to the mattress or frame. Most people do a combination of these two methods, using wood shims on the edges to ensure their bed stays put. If using shims, make sure they are very smooth, as smoothing them will give you better support while making the bed.

The third and final step in how to make a raised bed for bedroom use is to attach the frame to the bed. This usually involves cutting holes in the sheetrock at various points, and then securing the bed to the frame with bolts or screws. Make sure that the frame fits securely, as moving the bed around will most likely cause a big problem. If using drywall screws, make sure they are very strong, or else you may find yourself with a big headache when trying to remove the bed in the future. Drywall screws are usually available at any hardware store.

Following these simple steps, you should be well on your way to learning how to make a raised bed for bedroom use. Before long, you will have a great looking bed that will have the added benefit of adding some extra sleeping space to your room. Best of all, because you built it yourself, you will not need to pay for any expensive bedding so you can enjoy the comfort of knowing you built the bed yourself.

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